Lucky Punch Music is the creative brand of young German composer, sound designer and audio engineer Martin Krause. Within his own studio environment, Martin produces music and sound for a wide range of applications like commercials, events, film, games and radio.

Martin is born on July 24th 1988 in Cologne, Germany. At very young age, he began his musical training at the piano & keyboard and started composing as a teen. At this time, he also began taking guitar lessons in parallel and started playing in bands.

While making his first attemps on recording his own compositions, Martin got more and more fascinated about the production side of music, wanting to know how great sounding records were produced in the past and present. By this point, Martin also discovered his passion for cinematical scores, watching movies over and over again just for the music.

A couple of years later, after finishing his A-level in 2007, Martin decided to visit SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in Cologne, studying Audio Production. After finishing the Diploma level, he went on to complete his bachelor’s degree course at SAE Berlin. Martin eventually graduated in 2010 with honours at the Middlesex University London, dedicating his thesis to ‘The psychological effects of western film music on the human being’.

While still at university, Martin started building his portfolio while working for several recording studios and producers, eventually leading into longtime creative collaborations with platinum & gold award winning producers.

Upon the completion of his degree, Martin founded Lucky Punch Music and decided to work as a freelance composer, sound designer and audio engineer. His state of the art technical know-how combined with profound musical training allow him to create highly individualized scores for a wealth of genres, ranging from pop and rock arrangements to full scale orchestral and cinematic compositions.

Over the last years, Martin had the opportunity to work with several nationally and internationally known clients such as Porsche, eBay, IKEA, Mercedes and Olympus and has contributed to over 50 commercial releases, published on major labels like Universal and Sony Music. His music was already featured on national TV & radio as well as on big american boradcasting station ABC. Martin’s compositions are further featured on several internet clips, where they reached millions of views in no time, and also found their way onto various commercial music compilations.