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By 30/09/2016 Review


I recently got the chance to try out Best Service’s new orchestral woodwind library Chris Hein Winds Compact, which is a lite version of the original four-part library Chris Hein Winds Complete.

It offers the same 13 instruments as the “full” version and consists of 4 flutes (including piccolo flute), 3 clarinets, 3 oboes and 3 bassoons.
Opposed to the Complete edition’s 17 articulations, the Compact version features only a selection of the five most important articulations for each instrument. These include one sustain articulation and a more expressive, dynamic alternative, as well as three different short articulations which sound like a marcato, a staccato and a very short staccatissimo style of playing to me.

The library consists of meticulously recorded and edited multisamples for each instrument and articulation, as well as “detailed phase-alignment for phase-correct blends and crossfades of dynamic layers“, as the promo text states.

Besides up to eight dynamically playable volume layers, the highlight of this library is its true legato articulations for every instrument as well as a so-called “Note-Heads” feature on which I will go into detail on shortly.

With a focus on the ease of use and versatility, Chris Hein Winds Compact is designed for a broad range of musical applications like classical compositions, film scoring but also pop arrangements.

In the following review, I will share my experiences and thoughts on this feature-rich product with you, so we can see if Chris Hein Winds Compact presents a worthwhile addition to any composer’s arsenal.

Read the full review at The Audio Spotlight!

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