Best Service – Chris Hein Brass Complete Review

By 30/09/2016 Review

After my recent review of Best Service’s Chris Hein Winds Compact, it’s now time for me to take a closer look at it’s cousin library Chris Hein Orchestral Brass Complete. Both libraries, “Winds” and “Brass” are available in two different versions – “Complete” and “Compact”. Opposed to the Compact version, which comes with only five essential articulations, the Complete version offers a whopping total of 16 articulations per instrument and a lot more control and modulation options I’ll get into detail on later in the review. The library features the familiar range of orchestral brass instruments, including three trumpets, three horns and three trombones, plus an ensemble patch for every section. With almost 8,000 samples per instrument (that makes 72,000 samples in total!) and up to eight dynamic layers, this library is one of the most detailed orchestral brass libraries on the market right now.

The library comes as a downloadable product and is 12,15 GB in size when decompressed. Like Chris Hein Winds, this sample library is a Kontakt instrument and can be installed via Native Instruments’ tried and tested Service Center.

Since the “Winds” and “Brass” libraries share a fair amount of the same functions, I will rather concentrate on the differences and additional functions, Chris Hein Orchestral Brass offers.

Here we go!

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