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By 30/09/2016 Review

Ever since trendsetting film composer Hans Zimmer brought the sound of a pipe organ to the movies with his soundtrack for award-winning blockbuster Interstellar, more and more cinematic tracks seem to feature this behemoth of an instrument to convey the feeling of divinity, transcendence and sheer primal power. Since only a few of us have access to a full-blown church organ, several sample instrument developers made it their business to provide composers with the opportunity to have a virtual pipe organ at their disposal. One of these is the latest virtual instrument by Best Service called Organum Venezia.


Organum Venezia is based on a real church organ located near Venice, Italy, which was built by Andrea Zeni in 1999 after the model of world-famous church organs from the Romantic period.

Selected for its graceful and lush sound, the organ was meticulously sampled with a great deal of attention to not only capture the instrument itself, but also the room sound and tonal color of the surrounding church interior.

Best Service states that their object was to realistically catch and reproduce the original room tone, the “breathing” of the organ pipes and the feeling of air vibrating through the church. In order to achieve this goal, they teamed up with V3Sound and recorded the Venetian pipe organ using an elaborate microphone technique.

Today we’ll take a look inside this fascinating instrument and find out, if it sounds and feels as authentic as it promises and how much the highly considered room sound adds to the sonic experience.

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