Sample Logic Cinematic Guitars – Organic Atmospheres Review

By 30/09/2016 Review


Sample Logic’s latest product Cinematic Guitars – Organic Atmospheres is an extension of the Cinematic Guitars Infinity collection, which we reviewed some time ago here at The Audio Spotlight. However, you don’t need Cinematic Guitars Infinity to use this new library, since it also runs on its own.

The Kontakt instrument is sold as a downloadable product of about 5 GB in size and comes with over 850 instrument presets. For the extensive sample content of the instrument, a vast array of real acoustic guitars in many different shapes and sizes was recorded, which then ran through a complex sound designing process to morph them into pulsing, colorful atmospheres. Responsible for the recording of all the source material was composer, artist and producer Steve Ouimette.

Besides the usual suspects like nylon and steel string guitars, Steve delved into a whole world of exotic, ancient and downright strange string instruments which he set out to record. Among these were Ukuleles, Dobros, Baritone and Archtop guitars as well as a Puerto Rican Cuatro, a Purgatory Hill Harp, a Marx-O-Chime and a 4-string Cigar Box guitar. The recordings led to a massive sample collection of plucked, struck, bowed and strummed guitar sounds. Sample Logic advertises its new product as your “all-in-one cinematic atmosphere solution“. Let’s see, if it delivers what it promises in this review.

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