Softube Modular Review

By Freitag, der 21. Oktober 2016Review

Swedish developer Softube, well-known for their accurate software emulations of popular studio equipment, recently broke new ground with their own take on a modular software synth, called Modular. Building upon its hardware counterpart Eurorack, the modular approach enables users, to create their very own, completely unique synthesizers and sounds by combining a wealth of different synth modules.

Ever since the product’s release in summer 2016, the catalogue of modules is constantly expanding and with licensed hardware emulations of popular synth brands like Doepfer and Intellijel on their side, Softube promises to deliver an authentic modular synthesis experience – just like you’d be patching and turning knobs on the original.

On occasion of Softube’s release of two new utility modules – Dual X-Fade and Dual Pan – we were provided with a review version of Modular, to find out, if the product lives up to expectations.

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