Spitfire Audio – Sacconi Quartet Review

By 30/09/2016 Review

Today we’re taking a look into Spitfire Audio‘s latest orchestral strings product, which features one of the UK’s most sought after string quartets – the Sacconi Quartet. In the making for about half a decade from conception to release, it seems that this sampling project is a matter close to the heart of Christian Henson and Paul Thompson, composers and lead developers behind Spitfire Audio and this very library.

In London’s history-charged Wigmore Hall, a 115 year-old concert hall known for its chamber music concerts, Spitfire Audio set out to sample a section of four renowned musicians. The exemplary lineup of a string quartet – two violins, one viola and a cello were recorded using a wealth of different microphone positions, to capture every nuance of not only the instruments themselves, but also the enchanting room ambience of the hall.

With 15 articulations per instrument and 6 available mic positions, Sacconi Quartet appears to be one of the most thorough string quartet libraries on the market to date. Let’s take the tour and find out, if Spitfire Audio can keep their high aspiration in sampled products.

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