Spitfire Audio – Symphonic Brass Review

By 04/10/2016 Review

For Spitfire Audio, the year 2016 seems to mark a period of renovation and rationalization. After putting their renowned Sable chamber strings range to rest and spectacularly reviving it with Chamber Strings, they proceed in the same fashion with their highly acclaimed BML Brass range. The original British Modular Series Brass range was composed of a total of seven individual products which were condensed and re-programmed into one streamlined volume: Spitfire Audio’s brand-new Symphonic Brass.
The samples were recorded entirely at the famous AIR Studios, London, which is kind of Spitfire Audio’s go-to orchestral recording hall. Again, all of the instruments were sampled “in-situ”, which means “at their position (in the orchestra)”. Therefore, in an orchestral setup, they’re at the correct position right from the beginning without any need for panning.

We were provided with a version of the product for reviewing purposes. Let’s find out, how Symphonic Brass sounds and what it is capable of!

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