The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer Course Review

By 21/10/2016 Review

Today, we’re doing things a bit differently, since I’m not going to review a sample library or software, but an online course on how to become a successful trailer music composer.

This course, called The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer, is brought to you by a considerably new online learning resource platform called Evenant. The course’s tutor, Christian Baczyk, is a trailer music composer himself and owner of a young trailer music company called End Of Silence. Some of the company’s music was already licensed to advertising campaigns for large-scaled Hollywood blockbusters like Independence Day: Resurgence, Captain America: Civil War and The Finest Hours.

The online course, which is made up of a combination of written lessons and video content/walkthroughs, sets out to not only teach compositional and technical tasks you’re confronted with when composing trailer music, but also focuses on the business and licensing part of this branch of the music industry.

Let’s find out together, what the course is covering exactly, and if it can boost your trailer music composing skills from zero to hero, like it promises to.

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